You need a DVR to record surveillance video. In operation it is similar to the DVR you use to record movies and television programs, but is constructed specifically for security camera imaging. When selecting a security DVR, make sure of the following:

  • It has removable/replacable hard disk drives
  • It has enough media space to hold many hours of surveillance video
  • Your surveillance can be viewed remotely, using an internet connection
  • It is easy to use.

Confused about CCTV camera technology? Do you want to put cameras on your property, but don't know where to start? You've found the right place.

Consumers are fed up with crime, terrorism, and violence, and the borderline response by the law enforcement community. Let's be clear. The police won't make your concerns a top priority unless you are a well known celebrity or have power and clout (legal, political, or economical). If you don't have the clout, don't depend on them for anything but picking up the pieces.

This site does not provide weapons or items of personal security (although we have links for these things). We provide a way for you to make a solid impression upon visitors and possible wrong-doers by providing affordable surveillance equipment. The presence of CCTV security cameras in a prominent location is enough to deter most thieves and criminals - they don't like being watched.

We believe in the police. We believe in official protection and the enforcement of the law. But face it, the police aren't around when thieves decide to do something. That's an unfortunate fact, but it doesn't make your powerless. Your best bet is to intimidate the criminal with the very real chance of identification and prosecution. That is what they fear. You can do this with security devices on your property, and they're not that expensive compared to the peace of mind they provide.